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So bored!!

2009-04-30 21:09:14 by AlexisGOAR

Since the swine flu growing to fast and I live in Guadalajara, Mexico all activities are closed the only good thing is that I get to not go to school, but there isn't anything else to do and it is SOOO BORING!
hate the swine flu!

3D animation tutorials!!

2009-04-08 01:01:38 by AlexisGOAR

hellow NewGroundrers, I will be posting 3d animation tutorials through my news, 3d anmation tutorials for the programs: Martin Hash's Anmation MAster, Pixologi Z-brush and Autodesk 3ds maxso
maybe you'll be asking this next question:

why would I want to complicate my seylf learning a 3d modeling program If I amalready a great flash artist and animator?

Well yeah,maybe you are complicating yourself a little but, only if you want complex models your movies. The advantage of knowing this 3d animation programs is that it can suplment your flash movies with backgrounds, setting, or even charcters. Maybe you say that 3d and 2d models will see the movie look wierd, for this, programslike the mentioned up have toon renderers that let you convert the 3d image into a 2d looking image with shadows parameters and addig bordes, and more.

With the toon renderer you can create backgrounds o even characters and actions, one plus of the 3d progams isthat animation is easier...

well the tutorials I will me will be on some modelings, rigging, TOON RENDErer ad the most importnt based on your posts!!! thanks GOAR ANIMATIONS

Vittori video

2009-03-17 23:11:59 by AlexisGOAR

Hey a video is coming, i thnk it's awesome, here is one of the characters,

Vittori video